Melanie Rainone

Melanie Rainone is the editorial assistant at Toy Insider and Adventure Publishing Group. She can usually be found watching Star Trek: The Next Generation (she knows the opening monologue by heart) and she firmly believes that dessert is the most important meal of the day. 

Spend Christmas Cuddling with a Build-A-Bear Reindeer

You’re never too old to experience the magic of building your own personal plush. Build-A-Bear gives me kids the opportunity to bring a new friend to life, making each plush pal so more than just another a stuffed animal. Instead,… read more

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Cannybots Teach Tech Skills and High Speed Fun

Goal: $40,000 Funding Period: Until Nov. 12 Stretch Goal: $250,000 Creator: Cannybots Cannybots are robotic toy cars meant to teach children about programming, robotics, artificial intelligence, and 3-D printing. Kids have the opportunity to program their own robot from… read more

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Fun Table Tents Bring Blanket Forts to the Next Level

Goal: $30,000 Funding Period: December 6, 2015 Creator: Craig Balme There is no better place to spend a rainy day than inside a blanket fort. But what if a blanket fort was able to look like… read more

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Animated Hardwood Animal Toys Inspire Traditional Play

Goal: $2,000 Funding Period: Until Dec. 1 Stretch Goal: $15,000 Creator: David Wakefield Animated Hardwood Animal Toys are a classic, sustainable toy that are meant to last. These adorable creatures are built from low impact harvested timber and food… read more

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Lego Brings the Past Into the Future with Nexo Knights

Castles, robots, digital wizards, oh my! Last week at New York Comic Con, the Lego Group unveiled Lego Nexo Knights, a new, original Lego property depicting a medieval kingdom set in a futuristic world. Lance,… read more

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Make Halloween Memories with The Switch Witch

Halloween is a holiday filled with magic, including ghosts, ghouls, and goblins. Now, families can welcome the magic of Halloween into their homes in a new and creative way with The Switch Witch. The Switch… read more

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Football 21 Lets You Play the Game You Love to Watch

Goal: $30,000 Funding Period: Until Oct. 22, 2015 Creator: Football 21 Football 21 is played like real football, but as a unique table game. The objective is to move your team down the field, but, instead… read more

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Who Dunnit’ With Doctor Who Clue

The ninth season of Doctor Who premiered last weekend, and to celebrate the Doctor finally returning to my TV screen, I figured he could also make his debut in another aspect of my life: game night. Doctor Who… read more

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