Hannah Sacks

Hannah is an Editorial Assistant at Toy Insider, Pop Insider, and Toy Book. New to the toy industry, Hannah is excited to be reacquainted with her inner child and writes news, feature articles, trend pieces, and product roundups. A big fan of all forms of media, Hannah loves to indulge in the world of celebrity gossip (do YouTubers count as celebrities yet?) and can always be found reading a new novel. After spending too many hours watching every single one of the Marvel movies and shows in the pandemic, she is eager to put all her Marvel knowledge to good use. When she's not working, you can find her roaming around NYC trying to find the best record store, drinking overpriced coffee, and searching for the city's best dumplings.

Madame Alexander’s Adoption Day Baby Inspires Creativity and Responsibility

What are you going to do to celebrate this special day?

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Pokémon Announces New Limited Animated Series, ‘Pokémon Evolutions’

Revisit every region of the Pokémon world!

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Lunchables Takes Over FAO Schwarz, Introduces Limited-Edition Lunchabuilds

An inspiring experience AND a snack? That’s a win.

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Slinky Invites YOU To Write Its New Jingle!

Slinky rhymes with many words…

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The Sunny Starscout My Little Pony Figure Got a Secret Makeover

This My Little Pony is not *just* a pony anymore.

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The Wiggles Welcome Diverse Members with ‘Fruit Salad TV’ YouTube Series

So many new friends to sing Hot Potato with!

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