Necknapperz: “I wish my plush did that!”

Plush toys are great because they’re soft, cuddly, and huggable, but sometimes that’s all they are. That’s why Necknapperz are refusing to be placed in the gigantic storage bin full of kids’ no-longer-wanted stuffed animals… read more

Chrono Bomb: Mission Accepted

Welcome, Spy. Here’s your mission: Cross through the laser field and defuse the bomb before time runs out. If you complete your goal, you’ll be a hero. But if you don’t, you can restart the… read more

Jellyfish Join Hexbug’s Smart Fish Tank

Hexbug is known for bringing kids robotic and aquatic pets, and one of its newest additions to the tank is the AquaBot Jellyfish. In our office, we’ve seen Angel Fish, Hammerhead Shark, and even Zombie… read more

Today is Forever/Hoy Es Para Siempre is A Musical Success

Future Hits has released their second album, Today is Forever/Hoy es para Siempre for Spanish- and English-speaking listeners ages 5 to 10. Designed for kids, families, and even teachers, each song on the album is performed once in English… read more

Skylanders Drive Out Kaos in SuperChargers

Skylanders fans, rev your engines! Activision, the trailblazer behind the toys-to-life category, revealed the latest installment to its mega popular Skylanders franchise: Skylanders SuperChargers. Expanding on the brand’s signature gameplay, Skylanders SuperChargers introduces never-before-seen vehicles-to-life.… read more