Ali Mierzejewski

Ali Mierzejewski is a senior editor at The Toy Insider and is #blessed to provide all of the social media content across the brand’s platforms. In addition, she fawns over (read: writes reviews of) the newest toys on the shelves, as well as reports on toy trends and the latest products. During her time as a professional toy expert, Ali has built an (honestly) impressive amount of Lego sets—and will challenge you to a building race any day of the week. When she’s not binge-watching Netflix shows or obsessing over celebrity gossip, Ali is figuring out how to incorporate her favorite Nerf blasters into her improv shows and be a superhero IRL. In addition to Toy Insider content, Ali contributes features to leading trade magazines The Toy Book and The Licensing Book, sharing the latest trends and products with retailers, manufacturers, and licensors. You can be friends with her via Twitter @ohsotrendy.

Find It on the Farm

On the Farm from Peaceable Kingdom is a hidden object game for ages 8 and up with 42 farm items hidden among brightly colored pellets in a silo-shaped cylinder. As you find the farm animals,… read more

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A Very Hungry Woozle

What we love about Feed the Woozle from Peaceable Kingdom is that kids work together in order to win together. The big-mouth Woozle from Feed the Woozle eats every snack from chocolate-covered flies to hairy… read more

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Biodegradable Bop

Eco-Bonk from Pueri Elemental, LLC is the first inflatable bop bag made from biodegradable plastic. A more durable choice for children, it is also safer for the environment around them. The plastic is manufactured with… read more

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Light Up the Night

Glimmer the Glow Worm from Zoobies is a whole new kind of nightlight. An adorable glow-in-the-dark plush toy, pillow, and blanket all in one, Glimmer is sure to comfort your child through the night and… read more

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Portable Galaxy

The new Millennium Falcon Messenger Bag is the perfect playmat/storage container for your LEGO Star Wars figurines. Holding up to 500 LEGO bricks, the messenger bag allows you to transport your galaxy far, far away.… read more

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