Allison Jones

Allison loves to play! Her entire business focuses around playing. For her job, she gets to ride roller coasters at theme parks, zip line across cruise ships, or snorkel with turtles in Hawaii. She created and runs an online travel business at, specializing in family travel. She gets to travel around the world playing with her husband and two kids, Kelly and Hunter. You can follow along with The Jones Family on their travel YouTube channel,Jones Family Travels, or at

Best Beaches for a Bucket List

These are some of the best beaches in the world. Get some sunscreen and add these to your travel bucket list!

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Take Time for Dad This Summer

Spend time with dad this summer with these fun outing ideas!

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Set Sail with These Tips for Cruising With Kids

Here are some favorite tips and tricks for cruising with kids. Bon Voyage!

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Seven Travel Tips for Your Next Vacation Getaway

Heading on a vacation or weekend away? Read these travel tips to have a stress-free getaway!

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Family-Friendly Spring Travel Spots

There are so many spring adventures you can do with your family. Here are a few of our favorite springtime family trips.

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Follow These Tips to Stay Warm on Day Trips

Day trips can be a challenge in winter months. What should I wear? What should I bring?
Here are ideas for staying warm on day trips.

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How to Pack for Winter Travel

Here are some winter travel tips for you to try on your next winter vacation!

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Ten Tips for the Holiday Travel Season

The holidays are here! Are you traveling during the holiday season? You may be heading to see you family or flying to the Caribbean to escape the cold. You are not alone. This is the… read more

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