The Combat Creatures Attacknids, from Wow! Stuff, are six-legged robots that stand more than 12 inches tall and move with realistic spider-like motions across multiple terrains (Grass, snow, carpet—nothing stops these robots!). The 360-degree rotating head delivers ultra-maneuverability and control so they won’t get stuck in corners or behind objects.

Each battling robot comes with Exploda-Armor for realistic “explode off” action and a decal sheet so that kids are able to customize their robots before sending them into battle. The Bolt ‘n Battle blasters are interchangeable too—they clip on and off in seconds, can be raised or lowered for shooting accuracy, and fire more than 30 feet. The Electronic Character Battle Brain features LED Life Indicators and make combat sounds allowing kids to immerse themselves in battle.

The Attacknids come with different playing modes too. In single-player Training Mode, kids can play different games of skill or practice for a battle with the included targets. In Battle Mode, kids can take on their friends’ Attacknids for last-robot-standing competitions. When a Battle Brain target receives three direct hits in battle, the robot will shut down, eliminating the Attacknid from the Battle. When I had the lucky chance to try these battling robots out at Toy Fair in February, I was amazed by how fun they were to play with and how easy they were to customize.

Each Attacknid robot comes with one blaster to star, a Dissector Disc Blaster plus 12 Powa-Discs, or a Snypa Dart Blaster plus a 12 Powa-Dart rotating magazine. Since the parts are interchangeable, kids can collect a whole range of accessories, including the Destroyer Sphere Launcher and 10 spheres, Exploda-Armor Customizing Kits, and Value Ammo Packs so that kids can really build their own robot each time they battle! The accessories are all sold separately.

Attacknids are controlled from an easy-to-use wireless R/C handset using 2.4 Ghz chip technology, allowing hundreds of robots to battle at any one time or multiple Attacknids to be controlled from a single handset—providing kids with the tools to have a true battle royale.

The Attacknids are available in two robots: Stryder, which is blue, and Doom Razor, which is red.