ariel vanity

As Sebastian says in The Little Mermaid, life under the sea is better than anything we’ve got up here. And with the Disney Princess Ariel Music & Lights Vanity, from Jakks Pacific, kids ages 3 and up can channel that inner mermaid glamor for imaginative under-the-sea play.

Every bit of this playset is inspired by the classic Disney movie, which celebrated its 30th anniversary this year. The whole vanity is shaped like a clam, and when kids open it, Sebastian the crab spins up out of the vanity to sing part of the endlessly catchy tune “Under the Sea.” As the toy’s name suggests, there are also light effects during the song. If kids want to hear the song selection again, they simply push the starfish-shaped button.

The set includes a variety of play accessories, including a handheld mirror, hair clips, a curling iron, perfume, makeup powder, and a tiara. There is even a dinglehopper (aka fork)-shaped brush, just like Ariel would use! There are slots in the vanity to hold all of the accessories while it is open, but there is also a drawer in the front where kids can store the pieces in when they close the vanity. A handle on top of the vanity makes it very easy to store and move.

This set is great for any aspiring princess and/or mermaid, as it encourages imaginative play. Kids can pretend to get themselves ready for a performance, like Ariel and her sisters, or they can use the accessories to dress up a beloved doll. They can even share with Playdate Ariel, another great find in Jakks Pacific’s Little Mermaid line.