Remember those tiny beads you used to have to iron to melt together that would always inevitably fall apart, destroying your artistic masterpiece? Those were sooooo ‘90s.

With Aquabeads, from Epoch Everlasting Play, your beaded creations now stay together with just water. That’s right! No iron required. Aquabeads come in a variety of different kits, but one of this year’s new kits will have you sparkling and shining.

The Aquabeads Glamorous Designer Set comes with everything kids need to create beaded creations that sparkle. Packed with more than 1,000 Aquabeads in 16 different colors—and silver beads for extra glam—kids can create colorful beaded masterpieces using the included templates, or from their own imaginations.

The process is simple: Pick a template, and slide it into the back of the bead tray. There are up to four patterns on each template, and each one is color-coded so kids can easily create their designs. One half of the studio will hold the tray and template in place (and catch any loose beads) and the other half is a heart-shaped storage area for all your colors.

Once the pattern is complete, kids can spray it with water from the included spray bottle. You have to use a decent amount of water here to ensure that they stick; you can’t just do two quick sprays. Once it’s dry, kids can use the bead peeler to remove their creations, and either turn them into key chains, or display them.

As far as the removal process goes, there are a few tips for success to make sure your creations don’t fall apart. First, make sure it’s dry before you go to remove it. If you’re not going to use the bead peeler, allow for extra extra time! If you are using the bead peeler, about 10 minutes should do, but be careful! Depending on how much water you spray, it may take a bit longer than 10 minutes to dry completely, and if it’s not dry, you risk dropping off a bead or two. Also, until you get the hang of the bead peeler, only create one pattern at a time. Once you become a pro with it, you can create all four patterns and peel them off no problem.

Plus, once your done, everything packs up into the studio for easy clean up. Slide the top on, and you’re ready to go for next time.