antsy pants ring toss

Summertime — especially summertime during a global pandemic — is the perfect time to really amp up your backyard games game, and Antsy Pants can help you do that with their take on a classic game with a trendy twist.

Antsy Pants’ Ring Toss games are the classic backyard activity you love with a fun new look. Available in both flamingo and cactus styles, these games add a new twist to a classic challenge. Each set comes with three rings and three stands, and the goal is simple: How many rings can you make in a row?

For the flamingo version, the challenge is to land a ring around one of their necks, while in the cactus version, you’re aiming for the arms. These cute stands have bright designs that will liven up your backyard — and also are much trendier and fab than a classic old ring toss stake. Unlike those stakes that have to be hammered into the ground, these 10-inch-tall stands are perfect for playing insider or outside — use them in the lawn, on a table, on the floor, wherever!

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Plus, all the added benefits of ring toss are built into these games as well. Ring toss can help improve kids’ hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and socializing skills, all while they’re having some friendly fun and competition. It’s also full of open-ended activities, too, so if kids find themselves bored with the basic game, they can create their own games and expand how they play. Create new challenges, come up with new points systems, or add your own twist.

These Ring Toss games are perfect for any quality family time in the backyard, or pack ‘em up on the go and take them to a park, the beach, or Grandma’s.

No matter where you go, make sure you bring this game along with you for some classic fun with an update look!