Move over, couch cushion forts. Goodbye, bed sheet sanctuaries.

Perfect for little campers and hideaway heroes ages 3 and up, the Antsy Pants Camping Tee Pee from Antsy Pants/Beach House Group is everything young ones need to turn their room into a camping adventure. Part of the Build and Play collection, kids can combine Antsy Pants kits and covers (both sold separately) in small, medium, and large sizes to take their imaginative escapades to new heights.

The Camping Tee Pee is a buildable fort with some really rugged style. Using the included plastic rods and connectors, kids can assemble their tee pee structure without the need for tools, and follow along with the instructions included in their build booklet. The step-by-step instructions feature pictures that make it easy for them to follow along, so kids can take control of the building process and build their confidence. The durable poles and Snap-and-Click connectors also create a sound structure, readying the tent for whatever nature might throw at it.With the Camping Tee Pee Fabric Cover, boys and girls of the woods can transform their room into a camper’s dream. Once all of the plastic rods are in place (it takes about 5-10 minutes to build if Mom and Dad help), little ones can fasten the taupe-colored polyester cover and watch their new abode take shape. The cover features a roll-up window on one side, two stash pockets for toys and other camping essentials, and a handful of scout badges to make kids feel like they’re on their very own outdoor expedition.For even more creative adventure, the Antsy Pants Color Your Own Cover Kit includes a blank white tee pee cover, eight washable markers, and a wipe clean fabric for endless play.  Kids can decorate their tee pee as they see fit, and then wipe it clean to start all over again.