If you build it, they will play.

Or, in this case, if they build it.

Antsy Pants Build & Play Kits contain everything kids need to build up their own play structures, and they’re now available in vehicles. Kids can use the kits to build up different vehicles, such as a train, a 4×4, a school bus, a fire truck, a pickup truck, and a construction vehicle. Each kit comes with a fabric cover to transform it into that vehicle, so that kids’ imaginative play can be taken to the next level.

Building up the play structure is relatively easy. The kit comes with durable Snap and Click poles to make sure the pieces are securely together while kids build. Both the poles and the connectors are color-coded, so you’re not sitting in a pile of pieces trying to nurse a building headache (#tbt to me building my IKEA dresser). You don’t need any tools at all, which is great. We do recommend that a grown-up help out with the building process. Not only does it bring you together for quality time, but it keeps little ones from becoming frustrated. Plus, they can help snap together the pieces easily so that playtime can begin!

Once built, the vehicles encourage tons of imaginative play. Since they’re big, they’re great for multiple kids to play at the same time, so they also promote cooperative play and storytelling. Kids can also get active with these play sets, as it fosters classic open-ended play. Kids can get inside and drive the vehicle, or play our firefighter, conductor, or school scenes outside of it. They can pack up their toys in the bed of the pickup truck, or pretend to build up fun with the construction vehicle.

On thing’s for sure: Antsy Pants Build & Play Vehicles are sure to kick imagination into high gear.