Anime fans, assemble! There’s a new line of action figures that are a must-add to your collection.

Make room on your shelf for Anime Heroes from Bandai America. These 6.5-inch figures are based on characters from Naruto and Saint Seiya. They feature more than 16 points of articulation, which make them great for imaginative play for kids, but also perfect to put into action poses and add to any anime fan’s collector’s shelf.

Each Anime Heroes figure also comes with two additional sets of switchable hands, which adds to the play value and ups your display game. They also include character-specific accessories, so kids can really fill out the world with their imagination. The attention to detail in the sculpting and look of each figure is quite impressive for the lower price point, so you really won’t feel like you’re sacrificing quality to stick to your budget. Plus, the lower price point means it’s more accessible to collect them all!

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These figures are designed for kids ages 5 and up, but don’t let that rating deter you from purchasing these for older kids — or even some anime-loving adults. Kids will love to play and recreate their favorite stories, while adults will love to add them to their collection shelves. (Bonus feature for the collectors: The premium packaging is influenced by Japanese manga and art, so it really adds a cool visual to your shelf!)

Plus, for how great they look, these figures are priced at just $19.99, making them perfect for those who are shopping on a budget. Whether you’re buying them for play or display, Anime Heroes are sure to be a hit this holiday season.