Animal Jam Image

The Animal Jam Club Geoz Playset, from Jazwares, feels like a real party, decked out with club music, a dance floor, a silver disco ball that spins, spot lights that change color, and more.

Based on the popular online game Animal Jam, I fell in love with this play set as soon as I saw it, and the colors did the trick. Bright and bold pink, purple, yellow, and blue will surely grab kids’ attention. The set also has adorable features, such as woofers that resemble animal footprints and fancy pink curtains with yellow embossed borders. Graphic musical notes jut out of the wall to create a cute and clubby scene.

A pink platform with a DJ’s mixer and other cool gear sits right in the center of this party. When kids press the blue button on the table, three club melodies will play. At that moment, the silver disco ball will start spinning, and spot lights positioned diagonally will shine LED lights on kids’ collectible Animal Jam figures.

The Club Geoz Playset also comes with an exclusive Arctic Wolf figure with snow white fur, icy blue hoofs, and two adorably cute pink ears, and kids can move the wolf’s head from side to side. This animal figure has great styling that uses sharp lines and angles to mold it, and this unique artistic style is kept intact across the collectible line. The wolf also wears a pretty little crown on the center of its head, which has stars and swirl-like patterns all over that resemble frozen snow. The wings of the animal are textured to match, and can be switched out with other accessories.

The accessories attach to holes in the wrist and the spine of the wolf. Kids will want to collect more animals to get the party going. For me, some of the cutest collectibles in the Animal Jam line are the Cool Koala and Pet Pony, the Magic Horse with Lightup Ring (that reveals secret patterns on the toy when you shine light on it), and the Twinkle Panda with Lightup Ring. More animals means more cool accessories to mix and match. The set also comes with an exclusive online game code and two weeks of free membership.

The Animal Jam Club Geoz Playset gives kids a reason to bring all of their Animal Jam figures together on one stage. Once the music gets going, kids can make the animals dance to the music and introduce elements of pretend play. When kids are done playing, they can pack away the play set with ease.