Source: PMI/The Toy Insider

If you have kids in your house, particularly tweens, there’s a solid chance that you’re at least a little bit familiar with Innersloth’s Among Us.

For the past few years, the social deduction game has been going strong across mobile devices, Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch consoles. It’s also made the jump from the screen to the toy department thanks to an ever-expanding range of toys and collectibles from PMI and Toikido.

The Right Hand Man Feature Plush is an interesting beast. It’s a snuggly, 10-inch plush Among Us character with a glowing visor that illuminates when kids press its backpack. It also plays sounds inspired by the atmospheric “space” vibes and music of the video game.

Source: PMI

While most Among Us characters are depicted in a single color, this one is based on the “Right Hand Man: Reborn” skin from the game. It’s a gray, cybernetic suit that covers just the left half of the player’s body. Should a character meet an unfortunate end in the game, the Right Hand Man has its own “kill” animation. Sure, it sounds serious, but it’s all part of the cartoon fun.

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In order to learn more about the Right Hand Man, I did what any good parent would do: I consulted with the 10-year-old Among Us expert in the house. She told me that many of her friends view the Right Hand Man skin as “a myth.”

Maybe the Right Hand Man skin is hard to acquire in the game, but this plush is easy to get. You’ll just have to call an “emergency meeting” at the local Walmart. There’s nothing “sus” about that!