American Girl introduces two new contemporary characters into its line this year: Tenney Grant and Logan Everett.

Tenney is a breakout songwriter who is trying to find the heart to be herself. In her story, she puts everything into following her dreams. Although from time to time Tenney may get a little nervous or jittery, what pulls her through is her determination to share her true feelings through her songwriting and her performances. Tenney sets a great example of someone who is following her dreams, while also staying true to herself and her music.

The 10-inch Tenney doll features long, curly blonde hair and light brown eyes. She comes in a v chic Nashville-inspired outfit with a denim vest, a faux leather skirt, a graphic tee, and ankle boots (Read: the outfit you’ll see me in at the next country concert I go to).

In addition to the Tenney doll, the line also features an accessory set that is sold separately. Kids can actually strum Tenney’s guitar and play three songs. The guitar is easy for the doll to hold and also works with the amplifier (which is also sold separately). This set also includes a removable strap for the guitar and a thumb pick, plus a notebook with Tenney’s song lyrics written inside. Tenney’s creativity and determination will inspire aspiring songwriters of a new generation to follow their dreams.Also in the line is Tenney’s Stage and Dressing Room, where Tenney can get ready for every show, then take the stage and play her guitar. This two-in-one play set features a stage on one side and the dressing room on the other, so there is plenty of play value for kids to get the full concert experience. The set includes stage walls and a floor with a storage drawer.

Of course, no performer can take the stage without finding their light, so there are also two spotlights with four colored inserts included in the set. When Tenney is ready to take the stage, kids can use the included amplifier that plays a song and applause and can connect to Tenney’s guitar or banjo so she can rock out.

Other accessories include faux flowers, food, décor for the dressing room, pretend makeup, a lighted dressing table, and more. As an aspiring Spice Girl myself (both when I was 6, and currently), this set is a dream come true.

Logan Everett is Tenney’s bandmate and drummer. The introduction of Logan to the American Girl line is the first time that fans will see an 18-inch boy character. Logan’s sporting a plaid button-down shirt over a T-shirt, jeans, and trendy sneakers. He has gray eyes, short brown hair, and hands that are specifically designed to be able to hold the drumsticks from his drum set.

Of course, no drummer can rock out without a drum set, so the separately sold Logan’s Rhythmic Drum Set includes a bass drum with a working pedal, a snare drum, a metal cymbal, and a stool. The two included drumsticks fit into Logan’s hands so he is ready for rhythm.