Eric Poses, President, All Things Equal

For most families, summer road trips are a means to an end, but for the Poses family, those three words have an entirely different meaning.

With excitement and promise in his voice, Eric Poses, owner and president of All Things Equal, the creator of Loaded Questions Party discussed the exhilarating business venture he has planned for this scorching summer. Get ready America; Poses is packing his RV with games and coming to a city near you to start the party!
But this adventure isn’t a new concept, and Poses is feeling a bit nostalgic. “I launched my company 17 years ago this past April by driving around the country for 16 weeks and selling my game Loaded Questions out of the trunk of my car,” he says. “I was looking for something new and fresh to do, and I realized I need to get back on the road because whenever I engage with people, there’s a little bit of magic that happens.”

So what gave him the original idea to take his games on the road? After several failed attempts reaching out to companies to sell his first game back in 1997, Poses says, “I decided to hit the road and do the face-to-face political action that was needed to help launch the game.”RV

Despite the many setbacks, Poses shows great pride in his product line. “I’ve had several failures over the years but that’s what helped launch the company.” Since the initial launch, Poses has invented countless board games, card games, and puzzles. He looks forward to engaging with both new customers and frequent buyers to promote Loaded Questions Party, the newest addition to the line. This game challenges players to guess which competitor masterminded the answers to more than 200 “loaded questions,” as players frame their own responses.

All Things Equal’s line features multiple family-friendly games, which inspired Poses to bring his wife and two children along for the road trip. “I’m trying to strike a real healthy balance between work and play,” says Poses. “I’m excited for my kids to see the country and watch me interact with people.” He plans to stop at baseball games and national parks promoting Loaded Questions Party, while giving his family a great experience and possibly a geography lesson along the way.

“I feel young again; I’m rejuvenated by the work. It’s slightly overwhelming but it’s exciting and interesting. I have such high hopes for the trip business wise and otherwise,” says Poses.

Poses has simple goals for this summer’s adventure, “To not get into any car accidents, to be safe, and to have a great time. I’ve been doing this for 17 years and I can talk about them [the games] endlessly; I can demo them for hours on end. It would be great to see a genuine spike in our sales, and to see some groundswell happen with stores we’re working with this summer, but it’s not the end-all-be-all,” he explains. “If that doesn’t happen, and if we get back to Miami safely, and I’ve meet with a lot of great people and expanded our outreach, I certainly know I’ve given it my all.”