The Roll & Surprise Animal Train, from VTech, teaches little ones ages 6 to 36 months about colors, numbers, letters, and animals. Babies get a fun surprise when they push, pull, and twist the buttons to make the puppy, kitten, and chick pop up. I like the vibrant colors of the train, which stimulate babies’ senses and add to the fun. The chimney lights up and flashes along to the music. The pull- or push-along train is programmed with 16 melodies and four lyrical songs. Parents will appreciate the volume control option, which can be set to low or high. The train also has automatic shut-off in addition to an off switch.

I like toys that serve multiple purposes and encourage learning along with play. The Roll & Surprise Animal Train is entertaining as it prompts kids to find the animals, asks who makes which sound, and more. It’s a great introduction to colors and animals, and gives kids a fun head start.