battletrainWhen I was a kid, my brother took over our garage with an enormous train set. I remember him and my dad spending hours designing, building, and painting a whole variety of scenes that the train could run through. There were mountain tunnels, old west towns, and even an area that took you back to prehistoric times with the dinosaurs (my favorite part!). My dad had similar train sets when he was a kid too, so he was more than excited to help Matt out setting up this really cool, and not to mention very impressive, display.

Because we had trains in our house, names such as “Lionel” were familiar to me. My best friend when I was a kid had a Lionel train running around their Christmas tree every year. However, with all sorts of new technology in the toy world, I feel like these great toy trains are getting a bit overlooked. If you don’t grow up around trains, then you may not know Lionel, and therefore the great products that they offer. They inspire tradition and memorable family experiences. They inspire creativity and imaginative play. And, above all, they inspire fun.

Lionel has a new app, Lionel Battle Train, that makes Lionel a familiar name in households with and without established toy train histories. Players travel through different levels of tracks completing different missions along the way, battling robots along the way. In the same vein as the train sets, the app inspires creativity and imaginative play, allowing players to choose their weapons and design the trains that they take into battle.

The app is a fun game of strategy for kids—they have to switch tracks to avoid obstacles, ration their repair power to the correct cars, and collect candy canes and other objects, all while avoiding the enemy. Lionel Battle Train has numerous levels that you can find while traveling along the track on the main screen, plus a bunch of side missions that you can find on the track map as well. The side missions enable players to collect coins in order to buy more weapons and other add-ons in the shop to further customize their trains.

When a player chooses a level, the game lets them know the level of difficulty that it ranks, so they know what they are in for—which is especially helpful for the side missions. The game is fun and challenging for all ages, so parents can enjoy this new addictive iPad app too! Train-lovers and non-train-lovers alike can get on board with the adventure in the Lionel Battle Train app.