Craft Rock Pets Turtle | Source: Alex

Paint rocks in the shape of cute, little animals with Craft Rock Pets from Alex.

Designed for kids age 8 and up, these painting sets are an excellent way for kids to learn painting skills beyond working on a canvas. The package includes everything kids need for their projects: a stone animal, six paint colors, and a medium-sized paintbrush.

The setup is simple and easy to control. The paints come in separate connected tubes, so there is no room to mix them in the containers. I made a lovely pink by putting a light layer of white down, followed by a layer of red. No second coats are necessary because the paint is very thick and bright. Since the paint comes in covered tubes, kids can open only the ones they are currently working on to avoid making a mess. Additional setup includes a water bowl for the brush and whatever you need to put down on the table. Paper towels work fine as the paint doesn’t drip a lot. Clean up is also simple — just clean off the brush, put the paints away, and let the animal dry.

Each kit comes with one rock animal to paint. The kit I painted was a pet turtle and other animal kits include a frog, a butterfly, a fox, and an owl. The animals are approximately 7 inches wide and the stone itself is full of little craters and gaps that make the experience different from painting on plain canvas or paper. Kids can focus and express their creativity by focusing on the design. I spent 30 minutes painting my rock, but the time might vary for everyone. One little dab goes a long way, so kids should not run out of paint unless they use one color on the whole thing.

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While the painting doesn’t take very long, the drying does. Kids should leave their pet out overnight to dry in a safe spot where it can remain untouched. After it dries, kids can use the lightweight pet for playtime or display. The paint is durable and does not come off after drying.

Source: Alex

The painting set offers endless possibilities based on the painter’s imagination. While the set may seem small initially, the paints are high quality and mix well to create a wide array of colors. The set is limited to only a tiny brush, so parents are welcome to expand on the set with more tools. If parents want kids to learn more about painting and express themselves further, I would recommend getting an expanded set of brushes or using other ones in the house. Plus, more brushes mean more family or friends can join in the painting session.

The Craft Rock Pets painting set is a great, affordable way to have painting fun with kids while keeping it in a controlled environment. Kids can paint the animal realistically or think outside of the box to make their rock pet more creative. This is a fun spring and summer toy that will bring joy to any kid who loves creating and any parent who wants a fun, little ornament to express their kid’s creativity.