ftcrossbowpack copySummer is nearing its end, but with the Air Storm Firetek Crossbow from Zing Toys, kids can send light-up Zartz soaring across the sky like it’s the Fourth of July.

Included in the box are three light-up arrows with suction cups, a detachable scope, and a Firetek Crossbow. Two AAA batteries (included) are required inside the crossbow’s power grip, but kids can feel free to start blasting without them.

The Air Storm Firetek Crossbow looks sleek and powerful, and it’s backed by its impressive firing performance. As I worked my way around the crossbow, I began to take notice of some of the features that make this blaster so sweet.

At the back, a detachable scope allows for supreme accuracy. It even slides back and forth along a track so kids can make adjustments on the fly and position it where they see fit. On the power grip, a built-in button rests right where kids’ fingers will, allowing them to easily press it and watch red LEDs hidden in the body illuminate their blaster. For lefties, they can just as easily press the button with the inside of their palm.crossbowoutofpackage copyAbove the power grip lies the trigger and a safety switch, which prevents the trigger from successfully slinging one of the suction cup arrows. I really liked this feature, and I imagine parents will as well. At the front, two ammo clips allow young ones to store their spare ammo, keeping it at the ready.

Breaking in the rubber bands that give the crossbow its sling plays a big part in the loading of the Zartz. At first, it took some brute strength to lock and pull back the arrow into its firing position. The tension was strong. But after a handful of slings, the bands loosened and it became much easier.

Every kid knows the best part of any blaster is it’s blasting power. Do the darts fire like wet noodles that nosedive into the floor, or do they soar through the air like a Superman when he’s in a hurry? Zartz may not be the latter, but that doesn’t mean they don’t fly.

Taking full advantage of the bungee power the Firetek Crossbow provides, kids can fire their Zartz up to 45 feet. The shots I took inside the office impressed us all, and we even took turns locking a Storm Trooper in our sights. And with the simple flip of a switch on each Zart, kids can enjoy their crossbow day or night.

The Air Storm Firetek Crossbow will be available in Walmart in the Fall of 2016.