Bat cropped

An epic fight between the world’s strongest superheroes could be a great feat to watch. And for fans eagerly awaiting the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it all boils down to hardcore muscle-ripping action, superhero gadgets, incredible special effects, and a hearty helping of raw energy. Spin Master understands the stuff superheroes are made of, which is made apparent in the carefully sculpted Air Hogs Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice RC Batmobile.

From top to bottom, the Batmobile features intricate detailing, including the brushed metal surface that lends the Batmobile a perfectly worn out look, its sloping contours that offer it an aerodynamic shape, its equally cool bat wings that rise like Batman’s cape, and it’s rubberized sturdy tires that are ready to take on any adventure. Plus, the Batmobile is fully equipped with LED lights in the front and back, ready for battles day or night. As soon as kids–or kids at heart—put the Batmobile in charging mode, these neon blue lights show up in front—winking right at you in anticipation for playtime.


side view

Designed for kids ages 8 and up, the Batmobile is certainly a good-looking toy—but you know the saying–it’s what it does that defines it. After a quick 15-minute charge, the Batmobile is revved up and ready to go. Driving the Batmobile is pretty elementary, with two basic throttles for forward, back, left, and right.

The Batmobile will feel like it grips the floor as it buzzes by, easily switching directions with ultra fast response time. Just like its on-screen counterpart, this souped-up car can perform tight turns and handle pretty intense impact, so if you’re not an expert driver, you don’t need to worry about crashing.

Kids (again, and adults, no judgements) will be impressed by the Batmobile’s agile handling and speedy performance, making them feel truly in control of this compact vehicle. The 2.4GHz remote control is useful for long-distance range both inside and outside.

We’ve seen the Batmobile undergo multiple makeovers during the course of the franchise, but this is an exciting new, gritty addition to the evolution of the world’s coolest car.