Growing up, rainy days meant taking the pillows and blankets off of everyone’s beds, doing a little furniture rearranging, and turning the living room into the fortress of my dreams. Just like that, the couch and sheets transformed into sturdy castle walls that kept me safe from outside threats. Well, safe until one false move pulled the sheet out from under the picture frame, which was holding the sheet onto the couch cushion, which then sent shattered glass from the picture frame all over the floor. Oye.

Not anymore. Air Fort is a new way for kids to build and play in forts, without the assembly, mess, or cleanup involved. How, you may ask? It’s actually pretty simple. With the flick of a fan switch, the Air Fort fully inflates in less than 30 seconds. Made from 100 percent polyester, this lightweight, breathable tent won’t make it uncomfortable for kids to spend hours of play inside the fortress. The blow-up tent is available in either Pink & White or Digital Camouflage.

Before inflation, carefully lay out the entire fort on the ground. One thing to know before assembly is that either a 20-inch box fan or an 18-inch round fan must be used to inflate the fort, which are not included in the package. Just attach some included adhesive strips, attach the included straps to the fort, and turn on the fan to watch as the fabric inflates right before your eyes. Don’t blink, because you will surely miss the magic. With a 20-inch fan, my fort inflated in less than 15 seconds. Not too shabby. Don’t believe me? See for yourself below.

The fort measures 77-inches wide and 50-inches tall, which means there is a lot of room for play. Let’s just say, I was able to fit comfortably inside with three other adults (solely in the name of testing of course…). The fort doesn’t have a floor, which makes getting into and out of it easy. All kids have to do is lift it and slide under. While it will slightly deflate when lifted, once its back on the ground it fully inflates in no time.

In order for the fort to stay inflated, the fan must be turned on during play. While this may seem like a minor setback, it certainly has its benefits. Since air is constantly circulating from the fan, it stays cool and comfortable when kids are underneath it. Luckily, the lowest setting on the fan should not only keep the fort intact, but it will also avoid kids (and parents) from having to deal with the loud noise from the fan’s engine. Additionally, there is a mesh divider with a nearly foot-long tunnel that attaches to the fan. This prevents kids from interacting with the fan while they play.

The fort also features a clear window so that parents can check in on the party from time to time. Since the fabric is made of a light material, parents will also be able hear their kids from inside the tent.

The best part is, when kids are ready to pack it up for the night, the fort deflates in seconds and folds up to fit nice and snug inside the included carry bag. Parents, that means that in just a couple minutes your living room is back to normal.

Air Fort makes the go-to playtime activity simpler than ever before. Kids will get to have the imaginary getaway of their dreams, and parents will enjoy the peace of mind that no furniture was harmed in the making. Win-win.