Since the weather in New York City has been unseasonably warm, I got a taste of my favorite spring and summer months early with the new Adventure Force line of water blasters.

From Prime Time Toys, this brand-new collection of water toys is the ultimate must-have set for kids who are looking for fun, active outdoor play. Featuring bright, bold colors, each blaster in the line is filled with powerful precision performance and enough action to give kids some of the best days of summer ever. With the most modest price points as opposed to other water blasters on the market, parents can feel better knowing they’ll get an incredible value for these toys.

Super Storm

The Super Storm is definitely the crown jewel of the line. As the biggest Adventure Force blaster, the tank can hold up to 68 ounces of water. That’s more than half a gallon of water power! Kids will appreciate how easy their outdoor battles without the hassle to constantly taking a break to refill their depleted water supply. Using the pressurized water blasting action, the Super Storm proves that it isn’t just big, but that it also performs big. All kids need to do is use the pump located at the front end of the blaster to provide enough pressure, and then press the trigger to blast a continuous stream of water. The blaster will send water soaring up to 38 feet!

Kids can also customize their experience with an easy switch of the blast nozzles to one of three options: Super Soak Blast, Long-Range Blast, and Quad-Stream blast. While all epic, the Quad-Stream blast might just be my favorite because it will blast up to four streams of water.

Hydro Blitz

With an aesthetic that fits my own personal style the best, you wouldn’t want to mess with anyone equipped with the Hydro Blitz. With a water reservoir holding up to 57 ounces and pump action, this blaster gets the job done and sends water flying up to 35 feet with each pump. Simply slide the pump forward to load the water and push back to have the competition begging for mercy. Kids can—literally—pump up the action with this water blaster!

Battle Blaster

Using the same tactical elements as Prime Time’s Dart Zone dart blasters, you bet that the Battle Blaster is on point every single time! The detachable scope lets kids catch their competition in the crosshairs to make sure that they will have maximum accuracy. The pump works similarly as the Hydro Blitz, with sliding the pump forward to load water and pushing back to release.

Hydro Storm

It almost seems too good to be true, but this Hydro Storm bundle includes six water blasters! These compact squirt blasters feature quick action and easy refill and project water up to 25 feet. Cue me putting one of these in each of my pockets to use all at the same time during water fights. This pack is perfect for birthday parties, sleepovers, or anyone who just wants six mini blasters (A wise woman once said, “treat yo self.”).

The Adventure Force line also includes the Tempest Blaster and reusable Hurricane Balls. As the sweltering summer months are fast approaching, there’s no such thing as “it’s too hot to play outside” when water is involved, and these water blasters will encourage kids to go out and play all summer long.