Polar Adventure and Hungry Bins Board Games | Source: Adventerra Games/the Toy Insider

It’s important now more than ever to educate ourselves about environmental awareness, especially at a young age. But it can be difficult for toddlers to engage with nature from home.

Luckily, Adventerra Games has launched two new ecological board games to help kids play as they learn about our planet! The Polar Adventure: Disappearing Ice and Hungry Bins: Learn to Recycle games are made with environmentally-friendly materials, captivating illustrations, and sensory-friendly game pieces to help kids ages 3 and up feel like eco-superheroes.

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Polar Adventure helps players understand the perils of climate change and how it affects the safety of polar animals. It also aids tactical skills and hand-eye coordination development in kids. After building the two-piece gameboard, players take turns rolling the die and moving their wooden animals. The goal of the game is to be the first player to lead their animal to safety at the big iceberg. Priced at $24.99, the set includes four mini-icebergs and four ships.

Hungry Bins introduces kids to the world of recycling and composting while promoting association, classification, observation, and visual memory skills. Players can discover and differentiate recyclable and compostable materials by deciding which collection bin they belong in. The 32 material tokens correspond with the color of the bins for easy and accessible gameplay. Priced at $19.99, this set includes 16 different objects, including the bins.

Both games are available at adventerragames.com. In addition to these items, Adventerra Games also offers Ecological Puzzles — Saving Water, Respect the Earth, and Animals at Risk! — to further encourage early environmental education for $14.99 each.