Adora added two new PlayTime Babies with dreamy new designs that prove unicorns, snowflakes, and sleep will never go out of style.

These two new dolls join the Purple Dreams baby, which has a cloud-covered nightgown and bow. Kids can keep their dolls warm in the pink onesie decorated with snowy details in the Cozy Snowflake style. It comes with a matching cap perfect for naptime. Unicorn lovers — meaning everyone — can choose the baby doll with a purple onesie and matching headband dotted with pink and white stars and a sleepy unicorn depicted front and center.

Each of the dolls in the line is just like a real baby. They suck their thumbs, open and shut their eyes, and have that baby-fresh smell of baby powder. As a bonus, parents can easily throw the dolls in the washing machine after tots carry it everywhere they go.

Find the two new dolls for kids ages 1 and up on Adora’s website for $39.99.