Fairy Garden Friends | Source: Adora/the Toy Insider

Dream hair alert! Imagine if you could have flowing, pastel locks that changed colors in the sun. Three friends have sprouted from the whimsical seeds growing in Fairy Garden Land, and they have the fantastical hairdos of our dreams. Meet Lavender, Bluebell, and Rose, the new Fairy Garden Friends from Adora.

Fairy Garden Friends | Source: Adora

These 6-inch, vinyl dolls feature pastel hair that changes colors in the sun without any water or temperature changes needed. Designed for kids ages 3 and up, each doll comes with a removable, flower-themed dress, sandals, and sunlight-activated hair. Lavender’s hair changes from pink to purple, Bluebell’s hair changes from ivory to blue, and Rose’s hair changes from blue to purple.

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Priced at $24.99 each, the dolls also feature moveable heads, arms, and legs. Kids can brush the dolls’ rooted hair and take them on the go thanks to their petite size. The Fair Garden Friends dolls are available on Amazon and adora.com.