School vacation week can, let’s face it, be a dreadful time for parents and kids alike. When school vacation is also in the cold, dark winter, kids can be bouncing off the walls. As parents, we understand…and sympathize.

The best way to get through the week is with planning. To help you plan some ideas, The Toy Insider Parent Panel wanted to share our ideas with you to make school vacation week fun and full of memories (versus miserable and full of mayhem.)

Ideas to Beat School Vacation Week Boredom

Ideas to Beat School Vacation Boredom

Charlene DeLoach, the Parent Panel Team Lead, loves making each day a theme day during school vacation week. One day they have a camp out. They make indoor tents, bring out the flashlights, and have smores. Another day is backwards day, and the kids wear clothes backwards and have dinner for breakfast, and breakfast for dinner. You can see her other ideas here.

Destiny Paquette from Suburban Wife City Life has a great DIY for Toy Stethoscopes. Not only will you have pass the time by making the stethoscopes, but you can then role play a trip to the doctors office or give all the stuffed animals in your house a check up.

Tim Burns from A Geek Daddy loves getting out of the house with his family, and going to the zoo in the winter. Even though it may be cold outside, there are many animals at your local zoo that thrive in the winter. In addition to giving them some love, the crowds are minimal resulting in more hands-on opportunities to see, and be, with the animals.

Stephanie Glover at A Grande Life loves doing crafts that don’t take a lot of time. One of her favorites is this Monster Buddies craft. Make a day out of it by dressing as monsters, making these monsters and then watching the movie Monsters, Inc.

Cooking is also a great activity during school vacation. The key is finding recipes that the kiddos can make with you, and enjoy eating too. Destiny has a delish recipe for Easy Chocolate No-Bake Cookies. Charlene likes to make Marshmallow Peep Peach Fizz drinks! Stephanie loves taking advantage of the lazier mornings and make a yummy breakfast, like her Overnight Cinnamon Roll French Toast recipe.

Do you have any fun ideas you like to do with your kids during school vacation week? Share your ideas with us and other parents in the comments below!