Lena.TIKid_1-e1382971391124 Let me start by saying that I think most 3 to 5 year olds would love the easy-to-ride Pulse Safe Start scooter (from Bravo Sports’ Pulse Performance Products brand) without the addition of a favorite character image. I brought home the Sofia the First version—based on Disney Junior’s Sofia the First animated series—and Lena, the Toy Insider Kid, was practically drooling over it. She hugged it (the scooter, not me), thanked me profusely, and repeatedly told me it was “the best day ever.” And this is all before she knew it was electric! Once I showed her the power button she was off and rolling. Pulse.SofiaScooterAs a parent whose child gets easily frustrated, I love how intuitive and easy to control the scooter is. Lena was able to hop on, hold down the power button, and take off. She was easily able to ride it back and forth on our sidewalk without running it into the lawn (it only works on hard surfaces, not grass). I was particularly happy to learn that it maintains a safe 1.75 MPH—just fast enough to give preschoolers a thrill without giving parents a heart attack. Lena is 4 years old, and seemed to be the perfect age and size for this scooter. I think she would have been successful with it at age 3, but every child is different. I’m certain she will still have fun with this at age 5 and beyond. The Pulse Safe Start scooter is available in many characters for both boys and girls, including Disney Princess, Spider-Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Doc McStuffins, Disney•Pixar Cars, Frozen (good luck finding that one!), and more. This product and more from Pulse Performance Products will be on display at The Big Toy Book’s Sweet Suite 14 event in New York City on July 17. Part of Blogger Bash, a two-day conference connecting bloggers and brands nationwide, Sweet Suite will feature the hottest toys and games for the upcoming holiday season. Visit thebigtoybook.com for more info, and follow the conversation on Twitter!