With the weather warming up, it’s time for the kids to put the tablets and controllers down and get outside moving! Keeping my kids active is one of my priorities this summer. Tablets and video games are competing with my plans so having some fun active toys on hand helps me get them moving.

Eight Toys to Keep Kids Active

8 toys to keep kids active

1. Balance Bike—I have been debating getting a balance bike, such as the Y Velo Balance Bike for my 3-year-old. Balance bikes help kids develop an early sense of balance and control, along with independence, self-confidence, and happiness!

2.  Hopscotch—Now you can play hopscotch both inside and outside with the Bella Butterfly Hopscotch, from Melissa and Doug. Bright colors plus pretty graphics add up to hoppin’ good times with these eight interlocking durable, easy-clean foam pieces, two markers, and a durable carry case. 

3. Golf clubs—Whether you have a little one or an older child, you can find a set of golf clubs perfect for them. The Little Tikes Easy Hit Golf Set is perfect for your little one (and makes for a great 1st birthday present). The Stats Golf Starter set is perfect for when your child is ready to graduate to a set of “real” clubs.

4. Scooters—Scooters are the number one thing on my kids’ birthday lists this year. There are plenty of styles to choose from but our favorite is the Razor Kixi Scribble scooter. The Scribble combines two of kids’ favorite things: sidewalk chalk and scooters! 

5. Disks—You don’t have to be at the beach to play with the OgoDisk. The Ogodisk is a hand trampoline for balls. Throw them, catch them, bounce them, and have fun with them!

6. TrampolineWith the rise of indoor trampoline parks, kids want to jump all the time. You can have your own little jump park at home with the Little Tikes 3-foot trampoline.

7. Soccer Goals—You can take these Pugg Soccer Goals wherever you go! Whether you are at the park or the beach, you can have a quick game of soccer any time.

8. Kickball—Sometimes you have to kick it old school with a little game of kickball. Grab a cute ball, such as the Froggy Kickball, from Melissa and Doug, and some friends and you have a few hours of fun ahead of you.

Stephanie is a member of the 2013-2014 Toy Insider Parent Advisory Board. She is also a blogger at A Grande Life. You can follow her on Twitter at @thestephglover!