Best Ride-ons Teens

Summer’s here — let’s get ready to ride!

The wind in your hair, the sun on your face — nothing says “summer” quite like the perfect ride. There are a lot of great things to rave about when it comes to classic summer staples like bikes and scooters: They’re fun for kids, they encourage quality family time together, and they keep everyone up and active during the warm summer months. When kids aren’t in school, it can be hard to pull them away from their screens — especially your older kids — but ride-ons are a great way to make sure they get some fresh air.

Companies are also providing different ways for kids to cruise, from classic pedal bikes and skateboards to electric scooters and BMX-inspired rides. So, no matter what your kids’ style, there’s a ride out there for them.

Whether kids are seeking a thrill or looking for a leisurely cruise, the below ride-ons are perfect picks for the tweens and teens in your life!