Having a pool party is the essence of summer. If you are lucky enough to have a backyard pool or belong to a club with a pool, you know that water fun is an essential part of summer fun! Hosting a neighborhood party or a birthday party with the pool as the main draw can make your parties a splash. We are about to host a mermaid-themed pool party for my daughter! (Check out some of the mermaid themed décor and favors we have on hand!)

If you plan on hosting a pool party this summer, there are some key tips to consider before you inflate those pool floats!

Make sure to have the proper waivers or insurance coverage.
Yes, that is the less fun part of a party. #partypooper Yet, it is important factor. Keeping you and your guests safe is the number one priority. Check with your insurance agent that you have the right coverage for your pool, and if you are having the party at a club location, make sure you get their waivers in advance and share it with your guests. That way they can jump right in!

Have a backup plan.
The one downer to a pool party is a summer storm. (#raindelay) So make sure to have some dry games ready, a backyard tent, or alternative location in case the pool party becomes a washout.

Have supplies on hand.
If the sun is shining, and the pool party is a go, have key items on hand for your guests to make them, and you, have a perfect pool party. In a large basket or bucket, have extra towels, swim diapers, sunscreen, googles, and arm floats for younger swimmers. #doublediapered

Have a bathroom plan.
Yes, I really said that. Guaranteed at least one child (or adult) will need to use the “water closet” during the party when they are dripping wet from the pool. Put down suitable rugs from the door to the bathroom in your house to minimize slips and falls, or ruined floors. Or even rent a luxe potty like Pippa Middleton did for her backyard nupituals. #partypotty

Pack the pool with fun!
Stock up on beach balls, pool floats, and various water/pool toys to keep the kids (and adults) entertained. We also like to have water blasters on the deck for in and out of water fights. Water balloons are another alternative too! #waterfight

Hopefully these tips enable your friends and family (and yourself) to have splash-tastic summer at the pool! #poolparty