3doodlerDrawing a 3-D object in the air sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, or something that could only happen in a super high-tech lab. But with 3Doodler Start, from WobbleWorks, you can draw up, out, and around—and you can do it right in your own home.

The 3Doodler Start 3D pen allows kids to create anything they can possibly imagine with ease. Once it’s totally charged via the USB port, kids insert a stick of the included plastic, hit the power button, and get ready to draw. The plastic comes out warm, but not hot, so it’s safe for kids ages 8 and up to use. The plastic stays malleable for about 30 seconds, so if something isn’t quite the way kids want it, there is still time to fix it.

The pen also comes with a workbook with project ideas, instructions, and helpful tips to get started. The first page offers a space for kids to write their name, simply to practice the motion of using the pen and get used to how it feels. Another great way to practice before diving into bigger projects is to make a ring. Kids can simply turn on the pen, wrap the plastic around their finger a few times. From there, kids can adorn the ring with anything they’d like, such as a flower, star, or even an alien.

The plastic strands are made from food-grade materials, so it’s non-toxic and eco-friendly. Basically, everything about this pen is magic (or science… but probably magic).

The magic continues with all of the amazing things kids can create. The workbook includes instructions for everything from an Eiffel Tower to a robot, and the steps are super simple to follow. Additional Doodle Blocks, which are rubber molds that can be filled to create different models, are also available for purchase, allowing kids to extend the creative fun. Kids can also buy replacement plastic packs, with color options like neon and glow-in-the-dark.

Parents might expect a sophisticated piece of tech like a 3-D printing pen to break the bank, but the 3Doodler start weighs in at just $49.99. Most other 3-D printing pens use a sticky gel instead of plastic, but the 3Doodler is the real deal, producing smooth and clean lines without constantly getting clogged or stopped up. The pen does require a steady hand, but the plastic flows through slow enough for kids to plan out their next move without feeling rushed. Plus, the plastic hardens perfectly, making kids’ creations sturdy and resistant. Thanks to its affordability, ease of use, and innovative design, the creative possibilities are endless with the 3Doodler.