The 3D Build & Play by 3Doodler introduces 3D printing concepts to children in a fun way. As kids play, they also work on hands-on learning, 3D thinking, fine motor skills, and cognitive development.

3D Build & Play joins the 3Doodler Start (ages 6+) and 3Doodler Create+ (ages 14+) in the 3Doodler family of 3D printing devices.

Using low-heat technology, kids place BPA free, nontoxic plastic sticks into the kid-sized device. The plastic melts and, by cranking the handle, kids can ooze the melted plastic into the included molds. Once it hardens, kids can assemble the pieces into three-dimensional objects like an elephant, a lion, or a car.

Then, kids can use the included story-based activity guide or reversible popup background template to play with their pieces creating fun scenes. If they’re feeling especially saavy, they can also make their own movies using creative storytelling!

The 3D Build & Play device is suited for left- and right-handed users, so all kids can use it easily. Plus it safely heats up to less than 110 degrees Fahrenheit under a minute using batteries, so there no cords to get tangled. Although the included molds make it easy for kids to create 3D objects by merely filling the shape with the plastic, they may need to use their hands to guide the plastic into place — or younger kids might even need a little help from an adult.

The plastic hardens in a matter of minutes, and with no additional treatment required. Once ready, kids pop the creations out of the mold, and they can begin to play! It makes 3D projects fast and straightforward for young creators.

While the kit is fun and creative, parents can make it part of an educational goal, too. For example, ask kids to come up with a story by writing it in a notebook and then create the characters using the 3D Build & Play and act out their original story. This focuses on writing skills, creativity, storytelling, and public speaking. Alternatively, children with cognitive or physical challenges can use 3D Build & Play to work on touch, texture, and grip. Parents and caregivers alike will appreciate that they can purchase additional plastic sticks to keep the fun going.

Whether for education, therapy, or just for fun, 3Doodler opens up a world of creative opportunities for kids.