Goal: $12,257
Funding period: March 15
Creator: Mona Stolle

caperons bumble bee copyPerfect for mealtime and play time, Caperons work well for various occasions. From outdoor BBQ’s and cooking dinner to playing make-believe, these reversible capes/aprons are fun for the whole family.

Caperons come in children and adult sizes and are available in 4 different styles: ladybird, dinosaur, jetpack, and bumblebee. Also offered as either BBQ or chef-style aprons, the chef apron is made from 100% cotton and coated with PVC for easy clean-up, and the BBQ apron is treated to be fire retardant and oil repellent. The cape side is made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex (air layered).

Once the cookies are in the oven, just flip the cape around and start playing!

Kickstarter donations range from $27.87 (converted from pounds) to $160.27 and prizes range from single little chef or adult caperons to a family pack that includes two little chef caperons, an adult chef caperon and an adult BBQ caperon.

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