Goal: $45,000
Funding Period: Through December 25
Creator: NerdTalk Toys, LLC


Zombie JesusWe wish you a very… Zombiemas? The Zombie Nativity, by NerdTalk Toy, puts a spooky, silly spin on a nativity scene. Meet Zombie Baby Jesus, The Virgin Mary, Joseph, The Angel, and a Zombie Donkey. These undead figurines straddle the line between Halloween and Christmas decorations and make the perfect desk knickknacks.

The Zombie Nativity is hoping to put some “Ghoul-tide Cheer” into the holidays, and, by supporting their Kickstarter campaign, you can help them do just that. Donations range from $1 to $5,000 and prizes include a Zombie Nativity of your very own, and having a set sent to an enemy (with no explanation at all).

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