Usually when I lock my myself in a dark closet, it’s because I’m trying to portal myself into the world of Monsters Inc. But today, I locked myself in a dark, closet for a better reason. To learn about animals!

Learning Resources presents the 2-in-1 Headlamp Projector, designed for kids ages 3 and up, or as I like to call it, my fancy-smancy headband exploring tool. This headlamp projector projects images of animals onto flat surfaces in front of kids, such as a wall. To see these images, kids have to be a dark room with no light—hence why I went into a dark closet. Honestly, I can’t stress this enough—be in complete darkness for best results, or else it will be really hard to make out the images. Learning Resources recommends kids stand 4 to 6 feet away from the flat surface they’re trying to project on for best results. I second that.

The animal images are designed to spark curiosity in kids and get them better acquainted with the animals in the world. It helps them hone in on their observation skills, too. Two discs are included with eight images each. Now folks, these aren’t your typical farm animals or house pets your kids are already reading about in books. Kids will observe parrots, sea turtles, coral snakes, and more on one disc. On the second disc, kids will see an elephant and its baby, a gorilla, a panda, and more. Besides just seeing these animals, kids can learn facts about them with the included activity guide. It’s better than reading a picture book about animals—it’s fun and unique!

There’s a lot of great things about this headlamp, besides how great I looked—I mean, how great the animals on the wall looked. It has a hands-free design, so kids won’t fidget with the projector, really allowing them to focus on what they’re looking at in front of them. It’s also very comfortable to wear—you might accidentally forget you have it on (and become a spectacle on the streets of New York). It also has an elastic band that stretches to fit all types of heads. Oh, and did I mention that batteries are included? 😃

The 2-in-1 Headlamp Projector is a great way to introduce kids to new types of animals in a fun and creative way—forget the picture books! This makes learning fun. Plus, kids can take the discs out whenever they want and just wear it as a headlamp, where it will beam up to 10 feet ahead of them. Honestly, I might start wearing it at night when I’m on my bike. 👍 We’re 100-percent here for two times the play value!