Active toys for tweens

With stay-at-home orders still in effect in many states, as well as camps, public pools, and summer sports leagues being canceled, it’s a bit harder to keep kids up and moving as much as they usually are.

Active toys help promote a healthy lifestyle in kids — not only do they encourage physical activity, but kids also reap the mental and emotional health benefits that come along with active play. In a world in which things have drastically changed — and may never look the same again — a little bit of endorphins can go a long way.

Another huge benefit of active toys is that the category usually consists of a lot of toys and games that families can play with together!

Below are 10 of our favorite active toys that are perfect for kids ages 8 and up (though some of the safety age-grading is a bit lower – your older kids will still love these!). Tweens and teens are probably the age group whose summers are the most disrupted socially, so these toys will provide a bright, fun spark to get kids up and moving — and away from those screens.