No matter what happens in the world, we keep moving forward. The toy industry has some wonderful products in store for the months ahead, and we’re ready! Take a look at these fun finds from Toy Fair New York (TFNY), and start making some plans for fun this year!

Lego Dots

LEGO has wrapped all of their tiniest little pieces into brand new kits and sets called Dots. Dots are sold in both small bags and DIY kits to make bracelets, pineapple pencil holders, and more. More entrepreneurial kids will gravitate toward DIY Dots to make bracelets in unique styles and colors.

Lamaze 3-in-1 Airtivity Table (TOMY)

The Lamaze 3-in-1 Airtivity Table from TOMY allows babies to experience moving air, helping them develop fine motor skills and spark curiosity. The table legs can be removed for floor play once the baby can sit independently. Air blows through the table to make little toys on the top move and flow. Fun sounds and encouraging gameplay stimulate the baby’s interaction, too!

STEAM Kits (Crayola)

Crayola’s line of inspiring STEAM kits will win the hearts of budding scientists and artists. Liquid, Space, Gross, and Paper Flower STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) kits are all brand new this year. The kits come with everything kids need for artsy, scientific fun at home. 

Ravel Tales (Sunny Days)

Sunny Days revealed a fun new product called Ravel Tales. Coming to retailers sometime this year, Ravel Tales are collectible, plush, and DIY all in one kit, emphasizing that, “The more you unwind, the more you find!” Each box contains a ball of yarn and string that you have to slowly unravel. Collectible pieces inside the ball range from DIY activities to sticker sheets. At the center, kids will find an adorable plush character and a little blanket that they can stitch at the edges.  

Micromallows (Kellytoy)

Squishmallows fans rejoice: There are brand-new designs, as well as mini Micromallows that fit in the palm of your hand, on the way. Each Micromallow comes in a 4-inch blind capsule and features assortments of Kellytoy’s fantasy, sea life, or fruit squads in a pocket-sized design. 

YooHoo to the Rescue Sacks Series 2 (Aurora World)

Aurora World’s popular YooHoo to the Rescue line is expanding this year with Sacks Series 2. Fans of the YooHoo series on Netflix will enjoy eight new styles of the beloved characters in a handheld plush design. Kids can enjoy juggling them, stacking them, or just collecting their favorites.   

Mealtime Magic Mia (Spin Master)

Mealtime Magic Mia by Spin Master is an incredibly life-like doll created with “hyper-realism.” She can blow raspberries with a little moving tongue; be fed with a two-in-one, interactive bottle/pacifier; taste and react to her plate of light-up food; and so much more. She’ll recognize more than 50 food combinations and loves to play  “Choo Choo Train,” “Racecar,” and “Airplane.” Burp her and rock her to sleep just like a real baby! You can see fellow Toy Insider Parent Charlene DeLoach‘s YouTube video of Mealtime Magic Mia here

Foodie Surprise Yolkies (RedwoodVentures)

Foodies Surprise Yolkies from RedwoodVentures offers slime-lovers an opportunity to collect fun characters and enjoy a tasty treat. There’s a candy slime egg white, gummy yolk inside each Yolkies egg. There are also 12 mystery egg yolk figures to collect in all, and they can fit right in the palm of kids’ hands. They can even mix and match their outfits. 


Blockaroos are soft, foam blocks; magnets; and bath toys all rolled into one! Kids can build with them, play in the water, or simply connect the sets together to make new creations. The easy, click-together mechanism helps promote fine motor and STEM skills, color and shape recognition, and so much more. You can wash them in the dishwasher for continued use. 

Cats Vs. Pickles (Cepia)

If you’ve ever seen viral videos of cats being frightened by pickles, then you’ll understand the concept behind Cats Vs. Pickles, a line of funny collectible beanbag characters from Cepia. Based off of the popular Cats Vs. Pickles internet videos and app, there are dozens of cat and pickle designs for kids to collect. Each one has a silly story behind it, with bright colors and themes for kids to trade and enjoy.

There are so many new and innovative toys to look forward to in the months ahead! Be sure to check out more of the Toy Insider’s coverage from TFNY, and see the hottest toy trends of the year