50 Years Later, We’re Still Twisted Up in Twister

“Right hand red!” “Left foot Green!” These well known commands are known to lead the twisted game of tangled bodies called Twister. Twister is a game the has one player spinning the spinner and multiple players battling it out on… read more

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Top Toys for Kids That Are Wild for Zootopia

Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my! Parents, kids, and every Disney fan in between have only one thing on their minds: Zootopia, a mammal metropolis and the center of Disney’s latest furry flick. As it… read more


Best of Toy Fair 2016: Interactive Pets

Parents can skip the trip to the pet store and head straight to toy aisles that will be filled with pets in all shapes, colors, sizes, and species this year. We found a zoo’s worth of… read more

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Best of Toy Fair 2016: Big Play That Packs Up to Go

At the 113th North American International Toy Fair, big fun comes in small packages. Your busy summer lives are about to become way easier with companies offering up light, easy-to-carry, foldaway gear for on the go outdoor play.… read more

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Best of Toy Fair 2016: Toys That Have All the Feels

“But, how does that make you feel?” Toys aren’t all fun and games–they help kids learn important life skills, including enhancing their emotional intelligence. At this year’s North American International Toy Fair, products that emotionally stimulate children… read more


Best of Toy Fair: Gender Neutral Baby Toys

IT’s a tale as old as time: Pink is for girls and blue is for boys—but not anymore. If there’s one thing that North American Toy Fair 2016 made clear, it’s that infant toy manufacturers have… read more

Toy Fair Fave Picks

North American International Toy Fair 2016

  The Toy Industry Association‘s North American International Toy Fair will take place from Feb. 13 through 17 this year—and we’re covering all of the action! Be sure to follow @TheToyInsider on Twitter and Instagram, like Toy… read more