Catch Colorful Creatures with Monster Trap

Oh, the things we do for our grandmas. Designed for kids ages 6 and up, Thames and Kosmos’ Monster Trap is a tabletop board game that challenges players to work in teams and rid a mansion… read more


Catch all the monsters and hide them from the terribly frightened Grandma Frieda in this team-building tabletop board game. Build gross motor skills all while using the sliders to push the monster into the monster… read more

Turn Creativity Upside Down with Geckobot

A new toy from Thames and Kosmos might send kids climbing up the walls with excitement. Geckobot is more than just a buildable wind-up toy, it is a veritable science lesson in a box. 176… read more

Top Toy Trend: Coding 101

Toys that enhance kids’ STEM skills are extremely popular, but this year, toy manufacturers are focusing in on one key component of the STEM curriculum: coding. Coding is the language of the future, and it… read more

Tech 12 Toy


Kids can use the gamepad and four interchangeable sensor modules to play through a video game app on a tablet (not included). Kids will learn Arduino programming language as they solve puzzles in the game.

Motor Skills
School Readiness
Smart Tech


Build a wall-climbing robot! A motorized air suction system enables Geckobot to walk vertically up and down smooth surfaces. The battery-powered motor drives an innovative gear system that makes the legs move like a real… read more

Motor Skills
Emotional and Social Intelligence
School Readiness
Smart Tech

Rule Ancient Egypt with Imhotep

The real Imhotep was a powerful mastermind behind many Egyptian structures that we know and recognize today—and now, Thames & Kosmos is channeling his eye for strategy, advancement, and design in its new game with the same title. Imhotep… read more

Happy Atoms Puts Excitement Back in Chemistry

Goal: $50,000 Creator: Schell Games and Thames & Kosmos Happy Atoms is a teaching tool that lets kids explore molecules in a hands-on way. The kit lets kids create molecules from atom models, discover the identities of… read more