Fuzzy Flyers Plush Get Kids Up and Active

Fuzzy Flyers provide both cuddles and cardio. This new plush toy encourages kids to get up and moving and have some fun. These cuddly creatures have intelligent brains that make them fun interactive friends. Kids… read more

Meet Mebo: The Best Friend and Butler All-in-One

It’s the dreaded two words that makes every parent cringe: I’m bored. Well, not anymore. Mebo, from Skyrocket Toys, is the robot toy that can quite literally do it all. Mebo talks, moves, records, and… read more

Meet CHiP: Your New Robotic Best Friend

If it walks like a dog and barks like a dog, then it’s probably a dog. Er, make that a robot dog… But you can call him CHiP. The intelligent robotic pet from WowWee has all… read more


Kids can explore a variety of topics and can participate in storytelling, questions and answers, games, and more. This Wi-Fi enabled, cloud-based toy engages kids in intelligent conversations.

Emotional and Social Intelligence
School Readiness
Smart Tech
Tech 12 Toy


CHiP is the ultimate artificially intelligent robotic dog. It recognizes its master and responds to commands using the included wearable SmartBand. CHiP also responds to hand gestures and voice commands, and plays games with its… read more

Emotional and Social Intelligence
Smart Tech

Dare to Dance With WowWee’s Lumi Gaming Drone

Flying a drone is a blast, but if you’ve ever flown one you know that the slightest lapse in concentration can mean disaster—and a few broken blades. WowWee’s Lumi—available this September—takes the stress out of… read more