The Best Tech Toys of Toy Fair 2015

We all know that our kids are more tech-savvy at the age of 2 than most of us will ever be. Living in the digital age comes instinctively for kids, and the fact that they have the ability… read more


Mattel and Google Upgrade the Iconic View-Master

At the North American International Toy Fair in New York today, Mattel Inc. unveiled a collaboration with Google that gives the iconic View-Master toy a 21st century twist. With the new View-Master that works with… read more

Asian American Doll

SNL Parody Shows Sensitivity Struggle in the Doll Aisle

Toy manufacturers and retailers are often held responsible for a lack of cultural diversity reflected in the doll aisle. While these companies are now providing consumers with more multi-cultural options than ever before, companies are… read more

Layout 1

Frozen Favorites: Top 10 Frozen Toys for Kids

No matter how hot the weather got, this year has been particularly icy, due to kids worldwide belting out “Let it Go,” asking innocent by-standers if they wanna build a snowman, and breaking DVD players… read more

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