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The Toy Insider Mom Gets Moving with the Hottest Physical and Active Toys

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

The Toy Insider Mom, Laurie Schacht, gets moving with physical and active toys, showing Woman’s Day how to get up and going for play. Laurie demonstrates her skill on the Tek Recon Blasters from Tech 4 Kids; the Airstorm Z-Tek Bow from Zing Toys; Battroborg from Tomy; Flying Heroes from The Bridge Direct, including Superman and Batman; Flutterbye Fairies from Spinmaster; and the Rockin’ Rider Charger 2-in-1 Pony from Tek Nek Toys. The Toy Insider Mom also shows fun rides including the Y Fliker J2 Junior and Y Fliker Carver Series from Yvolution, as well as the Crazy Cart Drifting Vehicle from Razor!


Jump into Battle with Tomy’s Battroborg

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

Tomy‘s Battroborg battling robots are the first micro robots of their kind. They leverage advanced motion-control technology in combination with hugely popular robot and combat action. And boy are they cool.

These robots bring players to the center ring with two-handed motion-controlled nun chucks (similar to those on your Wii controller) that let opponents dictate every move with their jabs. That’s right—these robots punch like you punch. With Battroborg’s, battling robots can come to any room in your home for fast-paced combat that won’t leave any bruises.

Battroborg comes with a 20-minute quick-charger to keep the fun going. Simply pair up the charged robot to a tech controller to create real-time action and reaction. The signal from the control operates at distances of up to 50 feet. Battroborgs will automatically record damage level via an LED light on each robot that changes color every time the robot gets punched. Five punches signals the end of the battle, or players can defeat their opponents quickly by KO—a knock over. Kids (or adults!) can battle for one-on-one competitions or have large Battle Royals of up to 10 robots in the 3-in-1 Battle Arena.

The Battroborg robots have three different competitive modes. The first is Combat Mode, a one-on-one match between you and another Battroborg. Autodrone Mode is meant for two or more Battroborgs. Your Battroborg automatically punches for two minutes. Single players can use this mode to master their battling moves against the self-controlled robot. The third mode is Tag Mode, for two or more players. One Battroborg, designated the chaser by a red light, will move at the normal speed and chase the other Battroborgs, designated with green lights, who move at a slower speed.

When I saw these guys at Toy Fair, I immediately loved them. The nostalgia of Rockem Sockem Robots, but with a cool new modern upgrade caught my attention right away. They’re R/C toys, but they get kids up and moving. I challenge anyone to play with these battling robots and not get their whole body into it. Since you can play with a bunch of people, Battroborg is perfect for siblings, sleepovers, or even settling office disputes among co-workers. They’re fun, fast, and pack a punch!


Battroborg Robots

Monday, June 10th, 2013

Tomy International introduces the all-new Battroborg line of battling robots, available this fall. Battroborg is the first battling micro robot brand of its kind, with two-handed motion controlled nunchucks that let opponents dictate the robot’s every move with their jabs. The high-performance Borgs register every hit and indicate when the ultimate battling champion has succeeded. These robots are perfect for one-on-one competitions or large Battle Royals of up to 10 robots in the 3-in-1 Battle Arena.


The Toy Insider Mom Gets Retro on the Today Show

Monday, April 15th, 2013

This morning, Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht shared retro toys that make you feel like a kid again on the Today Show. Check out the video below!

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Do you remember these toys and characters?
(Click on the product link to go to the product page on the Big Toy Book for more info!)

Gosei Great Megazord
Power Rangers 6.5” Morphin Ranger Figures (Bandai)
Deluxe Gosei Morpher (Bandai)

Cabbage Patch Kids
(Jakks Pacific)
Smurf Beach (Mega)
Gooage Spewing Pac-Man (Bandai)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutage Ooze Action Figures and Ooze Cannisters (Playmates)

Star Wars Anakin to Darth Vader Action Figure (Hasbro)
Battroborg (TOMY)

Spirograph (Kahootz)
RoseArt Extreme 3-D Spin Art (Rose Art)
Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven (Hasbro)
Mega Bloks Hot Wheels (Mega)
Rock Crawler Extreme (Maisto)

Play-Doh Frosting Fun Bakery Playset (Hasbro)
10″ Potholder Pro Loom – Pro Size (Harrisville Designs)

Early 1900s
Lincoln Logs Horseshoe Hill Station (K’Nex)
Tinkertoy Transit Building Set (K’Nex)
Tinkertoy 100 Piece Essentials Building Set (K’Nex)

Berg Buddy (Berg Toys)
BERG Extra AF Sport (Berg Toys)