Become a Pokémon Trainer with My Friend Pikachu

For more than 20 years, Pikachu has become kids’ best friend in different ways, from being trained on Nintendo devices or coming alive in the TV series. Every kid dreams of capturing a Pikachu when they… read more

Hang Out with the Funniest TMNT Turtle

Talk-to-Me Mikey, from Playmates Toys, is the most interactive TMNT turtle kids could ever imagine. This holiday season, kids can chat, sing, and play with the funniest Ninja Turtle in the whole squad (I firmly… read more

Curl Up with Care Bear Cousins from Just Play

As if Care Bears weren’t cute enough, there are some new creatures in Care-A-Lot ready to cuddle. Just Play’s new line of Care Bear Cousins plush are inspired by Care Bears and Cousins, the Netflix… read more

Transform into a TMNT Hero at Half-Shell Headquarters

Cow. A. Bunga. Dude. I thought that TMNT life couldn’t get any better after last year’s Giant Leonardo Playset. Boy was I wrong. This year, Playmates Toys introduces the Half-Shell Headquarters Playset. From Playmates’ TMNT… read more