Be Brave

In Brave Rooney, it is determined that Rooney, a typical nine-year-old boy who lives on the border of Majesticville, a town full of superheroes and their families, and Normalville, will be the first non-superhero to… read more

A Different Kind of Storytelling

Author, illustrator, and preschool teacher Steve Light and Guidecraft have teamed up to create Storyboxes based on classic stories from around the world. Each crafted wooden Storybox contains hand-painted characters, props, and settings, allowing children… read more

Kushka the Dog Named Cat is a story about a dog whose name means cat. Have you ever heard anything as silly as that? In this 32-page illustrated book by Eli Kowalski, readers can follow… read more

Super Antioxidants

Blueberries, blueberries, and more blueberries are the fruit of choice for the Blueberry Bandit. In the book The Blueberry Bandit, the first part of The Blueberry Boy series written by Melissa Jones and illustrated by… read more

What Time Is It?

LeapFrog’s Telling Time Dry Erase Practice Book reinforces key skills children need to succeed in second and third grade. The book includes 14 flexible, dry erase pages and a built-in clock face with moveable hands,… read more

Tag for Kindergarten

Build essential skills to prepare for school success with LeapFrog’s Tag Let’s Get Ready for Kindergarten book. Use the Tag Reading System to bring this book to life. A multi-subject book focused on fundamental school… read more

Popar Toys Makes Books Pop!

Popar Toys, a division of Digital Tech Frontier, uses augmented reality to create immersive learning experiences that allow the user to see objects and animations on printed 3-D pages, popping off a book or card.… read more

Captain McFinn’s Undersea Band

The Captain McFinn and Friends book series’ latest addition Captain McFinn and Friends Rock! finds Captain McFinn starting a band with his undersea friends. Throughout this book by Phyllis Carafo, the group McFinn and his… read more

A Sasquatch’s Journey

The legends of a sasquatch come to life in Larf from Kids Can Press. Larf, who lives a life of privacy in the woods with his only companion, a bunny named Eric, discovers that he… read more