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Skylanders Series to Debut on Netflix

This fall, Portal Masters can tune in and watch their favorite characters in an animated series on Netflix. Skylanders Academy is the first production from Activision Blizzard Studios, Activision Blizzard Inc.’s newly created TV and film studio.… read more


LEGO Dimensions Introduces New Expansion Packs

Break out your magic wands, LEGO Dimensions is going to Hogwarts (and lots of other cool places). Beginning later this  year, LEGO Dimensions will journey into new magical worlds and universes with 16 new expansion… read more

Finding Dory

Top Finding Dory Toys

Although she may have a tough time remembering, it’s hard to forget the first time we met Dory in Finding Nemo. The movie featured an adorable cast of characters, charming under-the-sea fun, and a family… read more

Wonder Crew Superhero

Wonder Crew Redefines Guys and Dolls

You’re getting ready to head over to your nephew’s birthday party when you realize you forgot all about getting him a present (face, meet palm). The clock is ticking and you only have 20 minutes… read more


Yo-Kai Watch Sequel Coming In September

Nate and the mischievous, adorable, and playful Yo-kai are back this year in a new video game for the Nintendo 3DS, additions to Hasbro’s line of toys and games, and a second season of the… read more


Disney Discontinues Disney Infinity

It’s time to stock up on those Infinity figures. Disney has cancelled production of its best-selling toys-to-life video game Disney Infinity. John Blackburn, senior vice president and general manager at Disney Infinity, announced the news a… read more


Adaptoys Changes the Game for People Living with Paralysis

Adaptoys, created by the  Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, are adapted versions of popular toys that allow people with physical disabilities to participate in active play with their kids, friends, and family. Adaptoys will bring their services… read more