#EndBookHate with Plush Textbook Toys

Goal: $10,000 Funding Period: Until Sept. 25 Creator: David Miller In an effort to combat the thousands of book haters across the country, toy inventor, David Miller created SlugBooks, a plush textbook cover adding a fun and creative… read more

Vortex: Robotic Toy Re-invented

Goal: $54,035 Funding Period: Until Aug.13 2015 Creator: DFRobot Robots are ready to take over your living room with this new toy re-invention! The Vortex, created by DFRobot, is a smart and revolutionary program where little ones can… read more

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Leg&Go – Everything a First Bike Should Be

Goal: $60,000 Funding Period: Until Aug. 6, 2015 Stretch Goal: $100,000 Creator: LegoGo Bikes LLC As long as kids have the Leg&Go Bike, they can say goodbye to bruises and scratches when they first learn how to ride a bike.… read more


In Minions, It’s Okay to Root for the Bad Guys

We’ve been waiting for it forever: the return of our favorite yellow, goofy, pill-shaped henchmen, the Minions. This time, they’re back with their own movie. Minions, from Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment, is a heartwarming tale… read more


Necknapperz: “I wish my plush did that!”

Plush toys are great because they’re soft, cuddly, and huggable, but sometimes that’s all they are. That’s why Necknapperz are refusing to be placed in the gigantic storage bin full of kids’ no-longer-wanted stuffed animals… read more


Goblies: Hand Thrown Paintballs

Goal: $8,000 Funding Period: Until July 30 Creator: Briana Gardell This summer’s heat could mean a splash a color can cool you down! Toy inventor Briana Gardell is putting a spin on traditional water balloons… read more

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