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S’getti Scatter Is Silly Strategy Fun

I don’t know about you, but I always enjoy a game of pick-up sticks. My first set was a tube of colorful plastic rods, and later I picked up a nice set of wooden ones… read more


Ever After High Thronecoming Dolls Compete for the Crown

Mattel’s wildly successful Ever After High doll line features the daughters of classic princesses and villains in well-known stories such as Goldielocks, Snow White, Cinderella, and more. Four of the characters have been nominated to… read more


Savor the Taste(lessness) of Rotten Apples!

One of the leading trends in games over the past decade—possibly even longer than that—has been the party game in which players submit an answer to a prompt, and then each round, a different player… read more


Crayola Inspires Young Fashion Designers

Through play, kids are more empowered than ever to grow up following their passions and what it is that inspires them. Whether their interests include art, building, or growing a business there are toys that… read more

Zoomer Dino-Boomer

Controlling Zoomer Dino is Easier Said Than Done

Some people may disagree, but having a dinosaur for a pet would be pretty cool. Although this isn’t Bedrock and I’m not Fred Flinstone, there’s still hope for kids with dinosaur obsessions similar to our… read more

DIY Halloween Disney Kids Jake Pirate Costumes copy

DIY Halloween Costumes: Disney Junior Pirates

Making your child’s Halloween costume can seem rather daunting, but the past couple of years, I’ve been a fan of doing it myself. I’m not handy with stitching, so sewing a costume is not even… read more


Mega Mutant Leo Oozes Turtle Power for Little Heroes

It’s no question whether or not the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles brand spans generations. Parents and kids alike love the crime-fighting, pizza-eating turtles and all the characters that come along with them. And with a… read more

Lego Fusion Town Master

LEGO Fuses Digital and Physical Play in New Fusion Town Master

LEGO Fusion combines physical construction play patterns with digital ones. In Town Master, kids are prompted to build different building facades in order to make the citizens of their town happy. For example, you see… read more

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