Nici Wonderland Offers Plush for the Tub

Minilotta, from Nici Wonderland, is an adorable plush doll for kids ages 2 and up to bring into the bathtub. Minilotta features brown hair in pigtails, orange sandals, and a striped bathing suit. She wears… read more

Olaf Cake

Watch the New Frozen Fever Trailer Here!

Spring fever is overrated, and we’re all about Frozen Fever. The trailer for the seven-minute animated short film, the first time we will see the lovable gang since Frozen came out in November 2013, made… read more


The Best of Made-in-the-USA at Toy Fair 2015

Shopping consciously is a lot easier when there are toy companies out there dedicated to manufacturing products in the U.S. While made-in-the-U.S. toys was not one the biggest trends at Toy Fair this year, we… read more


Toy Fair Brings Science Kits to Little Kids

  Science kits are typically geared toward kids ages 8 and up. There have been plenty of logical reasons for this—for one thing, kids need to be able to read the manual to do the experiments;… read more


Toy Fair 2015: Innovative Toys to Get Kids in Motion

Fresh air, sunlight, and exercise are all wonderful things. Unfortunately, many kids just aren’t getting enough of them. At the recent North American International Toy Fair, I encountered numerous toy makers who are trying to… read more


Creative Plush Takes Toy Fair by Storm

  Plush is not just about stuffed teddies anymore. At North American International Toy Fair, there were dozens of companies with plush on display—ranging from traditional bears, to robotic plush, to artistic plush. Creative plush… read more


Bath Toys Make a Splash at Toy Fair 2015

This year, bathtime and playtime will become one and the same. Kids will no longer take pride in going days without bathing or purposely “forgetting” to wash behind their ears. In fact, judging from all… read more

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