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Force Favorites: Top Star Wars Toys

When the epic story of a boy, a girl, and a universe first graced the big screen on May 24, 1977, there were no toys to go along with it. Think about that for just a… read more


May the Fun Be With You…

We may be venturing over to the Dark Side for this one, but the only force at work here is good old fashioned fun. With Thinkway Toys’ new Darth Vader animatronic interactive figure, kids can… read more

Pictopia Game

Think You’re the Ultimate Star Wars Fan?

Do you know which Jedi survives the Clone Wars? Do you know which character possesses plans for the Death Star? How about which Episode begins with the Empire dispatching a series of Probe Droids? If… read more

Hi Ho

Say “Hi” to Numbers with Hi-Ho! Cherry-O

Children love to discover the world with their hands. Even as toddlers they grab onto anything they possibly can with their curious fingers. Hasbro makes use of this universal connection between the hand and the… read more


Puppy In My Pocket Shines for a New Generation

Dogs are getting smaller every day, with teacup breeds leading the pack of pint-sized pups. And if size is a true indicator of adoreableness, canines that are so tiny they can fit in teacups are… read more

Fall Fantoystic-01

Win Free Toys Every Friday in September!

TGI FanTOYstic Fridays! We’re giving away a box FULL of toys valued at more than $300 every Friday on Twitter. We know you want to win, so here’s how you play: STEP 1: Find a… read more

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